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~ Updated August 20,  2014 ~

Updates to TV and Radio sections of the CV.

Mr. Copley wins Gold in 2014 Radio Academy Awards for his role as Harry in The Morpeth Carol! Click here for list of other winners.


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Older News

  • Click here to check out an amazing piece of artwork by Mr. Copley's niece, Nina! The subject is the Incomparable Chea Copley. :) You can view more of Nina's brilliant artwork here.

  • Sunday, April 27th, be sure to tune into 'Vera' - Season 4, episode "Harbour Street". The series airs at 8pm on ITV. Click here for info on the show and a trailer.

    Don't miss Mr. Copley's narration of 'British Gardens in Time'. 

    BBC 4 and BBC 4HD are showing four programs each Tuesday evening at 9pm. The programs began airing on April 8th with Great Dixter & will continue next week with Stowe.

    Click here for a link to info on 'British Gardens in Time'! 

  • Click here for a link to production images of Home! You'll find a trailer for the show here, and click here for reviews!

  • Mr. Copley began rehearsing Home - a stage play by David Storey for the Arcola Theatre, London on September, 23rd, in the role of Jack. 

  • Mr. Copley recently worked on Vera with Brenda Blethyn (fourth series, episode 1) in Northumberland. Click here for a sneak pic of Mr. Copley as Malcolm.

  • September 20th saw the end of filming on the second series of Last Tango in Halifax.

  • Click here for a sneak clip of The Infectious Imagination of Henry Bramble.

  • On April 3, 2013, Tweet aired. In this episode two of the Doctors series, Mr. Copley played the role of Peter Jennings. Click here for a pic!

  • View some new publicity shots of Mr. Copley here! (Photographer: Mahmoud Osman.)

  • The RSC YPS King Lear tour was a grand success! Mr. Copley played the role of King Lear. Click here to read a Q&A with Mr. Copley. And, you'll want to check out this link for some wonderful production photos. Check out this link for a review.

  • Mr. Copley appeared in Everyone Quite Likes Justin - a series in six episodes on BBC Radio 4 beginning September 3, 2012. Mr. Copley played the role of Ray.
  • Mr. Copley played King Lear in the Royal Shakespeare Company's YPS (Young People's Shakespeare). Tim Crouch directed. The company toured Britain and arrived in New York (The Armory) and Ohio (venues TBD) during October and November.
  • Mr. Copley played the part of Alan, Caroline's dad, in episodes 3 & 4 of In With the Flynns, series 2.  
  • Mr. Copley lent his voice to the part of Jimmy Deel in the Audio/CD of Bernice Summerfield Missing Persons.  Released - September 2013.
  • Complete filming on Last Tango in Halifax. (Creator/writer is Sally Wainwright.)  It stars Mr. Copley, Derek Jacobi, Anne Reid, and Roy Barraclough.  Click here for a sneak peek of Mr. Copley's character, Harry.  And, click here for further info! 

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